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Gymnastics is one of MAC’s longest-standing sports that has a solid foundation in the community and allows young athletes to experience a social culture mixed with an athletic mentality. Club gymnasts train within the USA Gymnastics Men’s and Women’s Developmental Program, which includes boy’s Club Track and girl’s Xcel. Athletes dedicate years to developing the artistry and strength required to achieve their greatest potential. The MAC program has a history of success with multiple national, regional, and state champions. The coaching staff are passionate professionals who are leaders in the sport and provide a positive and inclusive environment for all athletes.



Phone: 503-517-7560
Email: Gymnastics@themac.com


May 2023

Brin Cavallero

Women's Gymnastics Coach

Brin Cavallero is an accomplished multi-sport athlete, gymnast, and two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor. As a mom of three daughters, Brin has a passion for building confident, hard-working, independent qualities in young gymnasts and developing the whole athlete. Through positive coaching focused on a growth mindset and athlete education, gymnasts learn valuable life lessons that they will utilize in all aspects of life. By providing regular access to sports psychology and nutrition professionals, gymnasts learn how to mentally prepare for the various challenges in gymnastics and adequately fuel their growing bodies. As a certified NASM trainer and biology major from Lewis and Clark College, Brin uses her knowledge of resistance strength training, injury prevention, and the science of muscle recovery to benefit the overall health of the gymnasts.