Multnomah Athletic Foundation

Achievement through Athletics

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation's focus on helping children lead active, involved lives is guided by the belief that athletics teaches life skills and builds character and confidence - to compete, to persevere, to give your all, and to be graceful in victory or defeat. We believe participation in athletics can help youth better reach their full future potential by learning and working together.

In 1991, the Multnomah Athletic Foundation was founded during Multnomah Athletic Club's centennial. After two decades, the Foundation remains focused on promoting achievement through athletics through community grants, scholarships and community outreach.

The Foundation provides financial resources through:
Grants to nonprofit organizations offering programs and services around Portland, with particular focus on underserved communities and limited access.
Post-secondary Scholarships based on students' academic performance, athletic participation and financial need for students to attend the two or four-year educational institution of their choice.

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation as a nonprofit organization exists to provide confidence and character building opportunities with an emphasis on athletic participation for youth.

For questions, please contact Lisa Bendt