2017 MAC Lottery FAQ

Q. When will the next membership lottery be held, and how many entries will be drawn?
A. Multnomah Athletic Club’s eleventh membership lottery is June 8, 2017. The lottery will draw 729 entries for future membership openings:
- 295 families 40 years of age and older
- 123 individuals 40 years of age and older
- 180 families 21 through 39 years of age
- 131 individuals 21 through 39 years of age

Q. Why another lottery? Will the lottery increase the size of MAC’s membership?
A. The 2017 lottery simply creates a wait list of prospective members available to join when the 2014 lottery list is completed. The lottery will not increase the size of the membership, only replace members who resign, die or are suspended over the next three years. MAC’s membership is stable and attrition is significantly lower than other private and public clubs. There is consistent demand that exceeds the number of membership openings available. The resident headcount target will remain 17,158.

Q. Where and when are lottery entry forms available?
A. Online entry forms are available beginning Jan. 5 at here. Please print out and complete the 2017 MAC Lottery entry form. There is a section for both the proposer and entrant to fill out and sign. Paper entry forms will be available at the At Your Service desk and Membership Office. Completed forms, along with payment, may be turned into the Membership Office, the At Your Service Desk or the Front Desk. They may also be mailed to:
2017 Lottery
Multnomah Athletic Club
1849 SW Salmon
Portland OR 97205

Q. When is the deadline to submit entry forms??
A. The lottery has two entry deadlines. Entries received by the early bird deadline at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 15, 2017, receive an additional chance in the draw. The final deadline is 6 p.m. Friday, May 19, 2017. Postmarks are not accepted, and no exceptions will be made to the deadlines.

Q. Is there an entry fee?
A. Yes. A nonrefundable processing fee of $75 is required for each entry. To qualify for the early bird credit, the fee must be paid by that deadline. For later entries the fee must be received by the final deadline. Entry forms without the fee are ineligible for the lottery drawing. Payment may be by check, money order or charged to the proposer’s account. Cash and credit cards are not accepted.

Q. Will the lottery be weighted in favor of younger entrants?
A. No. Aside from the specific family and individual draws for under 40 years of age, there are no additional chits available for age related entries.

Q. Will special consideration be given to entrants who were in previous MAC lotteries?
A. Yes. Those who entered any previous MAC membership lottery without being drawn will receive one extra chit in the 2017 draw. Anyone drawn in a previous lottery who, for any reason, did not become a member does not qualify for the extra chance. MAC records will be the deciding factor on these claims.

Q. How many possible chits may an entry have in the lottery?
A. Each entry receives a chit in the draw, with the potential for extras based on early bird submission and prior lottery participation. Entries may have as many as three chits, but no more, regardless of the number of previous lotteries entered.

Q. What happens after an entry is drawn in the lottery?
A. Those drawn will be notified of selection and draw number. They must secure their place on the lottery wait list by submitting a completed membership application accompanied by the initiation fee deposit no later than 6 p.m. Monday, July 24, 2017. Family applicants with two adults must include a copy of a valid certificate of marriage, civil union or Oregon Domestic Partnership. Applications not submitted by the deadline, or those submitted without initiation fee deposit or required documents, are withdrawn without the opportunity to be restored at a later date or to be appealed.

Q. Is everyone drawn in the lottery guaranteed to become a member?
A. No. Being drawn in the lottery is only the first step and places those selected on a wait list. Candidates on the waitlist must complete a MAC membership application to be considered for membership. Applications go through a screening process by the Membership Committee, which includes verification of information on the application, 30-day posting period, information provided by proposer and seconder, and a public records search. Admission of members is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Q. What is the initiation fee and how much is the deposit?
A. Effective for 2017 lottery applicants, the initiation fee is $11,500 for a family and $5,750 for an individual. The lottery deposit is $3,800 for families and $1,900 for individuals. The deposit is refundable, less $150 for individuals and $300 for families, anytime prior to accepting membership.

Q. What about the balance of the initiation fee?
A. While on the lottery wait list there is no additional fee. If offered a membership by the Board of Trustees, applicants have 45 days to accept the offer by paying the balance of their initiation fee or setting up a payment plan. Once membership is accepted, no portion of the initiation fee is refundable.

Q. What options are available for paying the initiation fee balance?
A. Balances can be paid in full, or two and five-year payment plans are available.

Q. How quickly will those on the lottery list be considered for membership?
A. The first applicants from the 2017 lottery are expected to join by late 2017, with the remainder processed over a three-year period as openings become available. Entrants are processed in the order drawn.

Q. What is a family membership?
A. Family membership includes two adults who can provide a valid certificate of marriage, civil union or Oregon Domestic Partnership; or a couple or an individual with one or more children seven and older. Both adults on a family account have all of the same rights and privileges of membership.

Q. What is an individual membership?
A. Individual membership allows club privileges for only one adult. A member’s spouse, partner or children seven and older, may not use the club except as allowed by guest policies. An entrant who does not include family members on the original entry form must join as an individual and may not add family members until they have been a member in good standing for one year. However, an individual may include children six or younger on an individual application.

Q. Who is eligible to be proposed for membership through the lottery?
A. Entrants must be at least 21 years of age on June 8, 2017. Lottery applicants are limited to submitting one entry form; an applicant may be proposed for individual or family membership, but not both. Former MAC members expelled from the club are not eligible.

Q. Who may propose a lottery entrant?
A. A resident (senior or senior family), life or nonresident MAC member in good standing for at least one year, may propose lottery entrants. The proposer must know the entrant(s) well for at least three years. Current trustees may not serve as proposers. There is no limit on the number of entrants a member may propose.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a proposer?
A. The quality of our membership is maintained through members who exercise this privilege deliberately, keeping in mind the character and congeniality of each entrant. The proposer is responsible for sharing the entry form, lottery rules and instructions with the entrant(s). If there are any irregularities with the entry form, or if a subsequent applicant is later disqualified for membership, the club will communicate with the proposer who, in turn, must inform the applicant. If the applicant is approved for membership, the proposer is responsible for helping orient the new member and introducing him or her to other members.

Q. How is the lottery drawing conducted? Can members attend?
A. Members and applicants are invited to attend the lottery drawing event on June 8, 2017. Auditors from a certified auditing firm check the procedures, authenticate the tickets and oversee the actual drawing to ensure the integrity of the lottery. Those drawn in the lottery and their proposers will be invited to a lottery celebration in late June, 2017.

Q. Why does MAC use a lottery system instead of a waiting list?
A. The lottery is an open, straightforward and fair means of creating a manageable waitlist of potential members. Prior to the lottery the waitlist could be as long as nine years.

Q. Is the lottery the only opportunity to join MAC?
A. Besides the lottery, qualified applicants may be proposed through the Diversity Admissions Program, as the spouse of a member, or as a legacy member. Individuals who live and work more than 50 miles from the club may be proposed for nonresident membership without going through the lottery.