Welcome to the 2020 MAC Lottery

Thank you for your interest in Multnomah Athletic Club! Whether you’re familiar with MAC or just beginning to explore its possibilities, this page offers an introduction to this one-of-a-kind community and the process for joining through the 2020 MAC Lottery.

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About the Lottery

Every few years, Multnomah Athletic Club holds a lottery to create a waitlist for prospective members. As Portland’s oldest social and athletic club, membership at MAC is highly coveted, and only available via the referral of a current member.

If you’re interested in becoming a MAC member, here are a few things to keep in mind. Online entry forms are available starting Saturday, Feb. 1. Applicants who apply by the early bird deadline of Friday, April 17, receive an extra chance in the draw. The final deadline for entry is 6 p.m. Friday, May 29.

For full details, please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Prospective members can apply as individuals or as families, and MAC offers plenty to keep everyone happy. From exclusive restaurants to extensive athletic facilities and a full social calendar of traditions, the opportunities are endless.

Because the chance to join doesn’t come along very often, anyone interested in becoming part of MAC is encouraged to make the most of the 2020 lottery. Know a member? Reach out to them today to request an athletic guess pass. Find out what MAC might have in store for you!

A MAC Lottery Unlike Any Other

As the MAC 2020 Lottery deadline draws near, it is important to acknowledge the times everyone is in and recognize the landscape that all communities share. Due to COVID-19, the world is changing. MAC is not immune, but MAC is resilient as seen in this video.

For nearly 130 years through good times and bad, MAC has stayed committed to creating and nurturing unequaled, unexpected and unforgettable experiences for members. Here's to 130 more

MAC takes the current situation seriously and weighed whether to continue with the 2020 Lottery. As you consider referring someone you know for lottery during uncertain times, please keep in mind:

The Lottery builds MAC's waiting list for future years due to natural attrition; the maximum number of memberships available has not changed.

Applying for membership has always been an investment in the future. MAC stays committed to that future.

While no new members are currently being admitted due to the club closure, when they are, the experience they will enjoy will be even fuller thanks to recent innovations in virtual experiences and member social offerings.

While in anticipation of the draw, lottery entrants have access to MAC's newly developed digital channels and online events from workouts, exclusive expert speaker series to happy hours.

While no one can know exactly what the future holds, MAC does know that members will never stop striving for excellence and community. MAC looks forward to members joining friends back at MACtini's for a drink, playing pickleball, jumping on an elliptical and enjoying each other's company in person. MAC hopes you and your friends will be there, too.

If you know someone with their eyes on the future, invite them to share it with MAC. Refer a friend, family member or colleague for membership at

Deadline to enter the Lottery is Friday, May 29.

Read what other members say about MAC

"At this point in my life, I am focused on what the Club offers NOW, for my family. But I also know that as my children grow and leave home, I will continue to benefit from the MAC community and athletics, hopefully staying as fit as my parents did. This club is not just for kids or families or young adults or retired people. It is a club for everyone, at every phase of life." - Darcy H.

“I continue to grow in my appreciation of the depth and breadth of this place. It’s huge, and it’s rich with people who are passionate. It could be about their sport, their fitness, eating or it could be the social activities,” she says. “Whatever their passion, everybody supports everybody. I think it’s a pretty unique place in that way.” - Holly L.

I go to the MAC, and that’s my social interaction for the whole day.” - Jim W.

“My childhood was lived out at MAC...When I wasn’t in a class or team practice, I was at the Junior Weight Room or the Junior Lounge doing homework. I am lucky to have been able to learn gymnastics, synchro, swimming, tennis and basketball during my child-hood. It helped me become a well-rounded person,” - Gaby D.

“MAC is like a family. A lot of my child-hood is tied up in the place. It helped me branch out and try so many different things so I could find out more about what I like and dislike.” - Clarice

"Being part of MAC is like having a second home. …When I was younger I would walk the halls of MAC with my parents and look at the pictures of the athletes and think that I would like to be in one of those pictures." Dominic D.